Mmm Shack

Matthew and David Medure built a following at their eponymous restaurants (Matthew’s and Restaurant Medure, respectively). For years, their work has earned respect and adoration from a mostly buttoned-up crowd of business professionals, restaurant critics and high-end foodies. So when they opened a joint venture to serve fresh versions of American classics like hot dogs, hamburgers, fries and shakes, we eagerly raised our hands (and loosened our proverbial ties) to design a menu for their casual concept.

Since the chalkboard imagery seen in the San Marco Dining District initially caught Matthew’s attention, we incorporated a similar look and feel into the design of M Shack’s menu. The menu is organized and easy to read, which helps streamline operations at the order counter. Much like the menu itself, our menu design is simple and satisfying, using time-honored ingredients to deliver a great product.